Lady Helen Sterling Silver Spoon Ring

The intricate floral scroll work and broad scalloped silhouette of the Lady Helen ring serve to make it a charming piece that combines historic elegance with a modern design. The broad end of the ring was crafted from an ornate vintage tea spoon. A sophisticated and stylish ring that works well as a gift for almost any woman.

  • Adjustable, one size fits most
  • Sterling Silver

Customer Reviews
5 out of 5, based on 2 reviews
Maddie D from USA on Jul 21, 2013
æI purchased the lady helen ring a few years back at a fair in Nashville! I love it! Everywhere I got I get compliments on it! I cannot wait to get another ring! I love the new ones they have!!!! Good quality and good price
Jessica S. from Australia on Sep 14, 2012
I saw your stall that you rparents run in Port Stephens -Australia. I bought the lady helen ring. I fell in love the minute I saw your things!