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Butterfly Sterling Silver Necklace

This classic silver butterfly pendant is formed from four antique teaspoon handles for the wings and the handle of another design for the body.

  • Length: 18-20" Adjustable
  • Pendant: 1 7/8" x 1"
  • Sterling Silver

Customer Reviews

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Dorothy Licis
Beautiful butterfly necklace

Could not have asked for a more beautiful piece of jewelry. I have lupus for which the butterfly shape is the shape of a rash that occurs on the face. Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful piece! It’s very meaningful for me!

Vicki Hillig

Very happy!


I was in the hospital with a Lupus Flare. While resting my husband went to the gift shop and found this necklace. When he brought it to me, I almost cried. It has more meaning than spoons put together to look like a butterfly. The butterfly is the symbol for Lupus but we also live by "The Spoon Theory ". For me and other Lupu patients I have met, this necklace has a very special meaning. Thank you.


I love this necklace. I found it an a museum shop, and bought it as sort of a tribute to my dad, who loved butterflies. It is one of those necklaces that I started wearing all the time -- lightweight, but pretty and noticeable. And it got me to search out Silver Spoon on the web and I bought several more pieces. I love the vintage-modern style.

Myrna Johnson

I bought this butterfly necklace for my granddaughter, when she got her masters degree, as a gift. She loves it and wears it often. She loves the fact that it is made with old silver plated spoons. This jewelry is a great way to recycle. Love the idea and it is beautiful.